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Household tasks

Divine Human Care Support is confident and understands this is to deliver a passionate service or assistance with and or supervising tasks of daily life in a group home or shared living environment.  

Our trained support workers will be by your side to assist with all types of essential domestic chores at whichever level you require. This kind of support is designed to facilitate your daily independence, while also helping you to build the skills needed to carry out a range of household activities – all provided in the comfort of your own home. 

• Meal preparation 
• Cleaning 
• Laundry 
• Vacuuming and washing floors 
• Household Tasks 
• General house maintenance 

Whether you need physical assistance with these tasks, or simply someone to supervise as you build on your own skills and independence, Lifeway Support will give you added support in daily life and empower you to live more autonomously each day. 

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