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Assist Life stage transition

Life has many stages and each stage can be challenging. Transitions such as moving out of one’s home, joining the university, or getting a job are part of everyone’s life. It is never an easy task both emotionally and practically, and it becomes a little more difficult for people with disabilities. Change can be hard and with it comes new environments and settings. Divine Human Care can assist you to transition from one stage to another whether finding your new accommodation, job transition and so on.  Some of the common services under life stage transition include; Support connection and coordination

  • Capacity building skills

  • Development of independent self-care and living skills

  • Crisis and conflict resolution

  • Establish supportive networks in the participant’s communal setup

  • Linkage support to other supportive community services and programs

  • Assistance with accommodation, tenancy procedures

  • Daily planning and budgeting

  • Mentoring and peer support

  • Individual skill development

  • Assistance with decision making and planning

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